• The only characters I EVER played with in Street Fighter were Blanka and Zangief. That's it.
  • I strictly wear NBA throwback jerseys. Today I wore a Dikembe Mutombo Nuggets jersey.
  • I only listen to artists that begin with J or Jay—Dilla, Cole, Z, Electronica, etc.


Associate Creative Director – all brands
Los Angeles, CA
2017 – Present

BBDO Worldwide
Associate Creative Director – Global Bacardi and Grey Goose brands
New York, NY
2016 – 2017

Deutsch NY
Senior Copywriter – WATERisLIFE, Sherwin-Williams brands, Busch Beer
New York, NY
2013 – 2016

Copywriter – WATERisLIFE, New York Lottery
New York, NY
2012 – 2013


Creative Circus
Atlanta, GA
2010 – 2012

Northern Arizona University
Playing football. Advertising.
2005 - 2009